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Book publishing is becoming a big asset in the marketing world. Niche specific books help the author build authority, brand and a customer list. It has never been easier than it is today to get your book to the market.

More and more people are looking for information about book publishing options as a way to grow their list and brand awareness. Providing answers to people who are interested in this avenue is a fantastic way to create traffic.  Taking the time to create this content, from doing the research to the actual writing, is very time consuming.

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This 10 article bundle was created for people interested in Book Publishing

  1. Book Cover Design Considerations
  2. Book Formats Available to Self-Publishers
  3. Choosing the Best Format for Your Type of Writing
  4. Do You Have Enough for a Book?
  5. How Long Should It Take to Write a Book and Other Common Questions from Aspiring Authors
  6. Marketing Your Book
  7. Pre-Publishing Decisions You Need to Make
  8. The Importance of Editing
  9. Why and How to Outline Your Book
  10. Writing Options Available

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