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Global warming concerns and skyrocketing utility prices are creating a very high traffic niche in the green – off the grid movement. This niche inspires great passion and interest in the people who are searching for information about sustainable living.slreport

Grab this 12 page report to use on your site to tap in to the green movement traffic and cash in on thousands of eager buyers in this niche. Some of the topics covered in this report:

  • Are You Ready to Take Sustainability to a New Level?
  • 3 Steps to Composting
  • 5 Steps Raising Chickens
  • Embracing Alternative Energy
  • Harvesting Rainwater

Use this report as a free, list builder or sell it as a tripwire offer to draw customers in to your funnel. Included in this bundle is a 10 pack of articles about DIY Green Information. You can use these article as content for your website or add them to your autoresponder. The pack contains the following articles:

  1. choosing energy efficient doors
  2. different types green energy
  3. diy solar panels
  4. energy efficient roofs
  5. making green energy affordable
  6. passive solar windows different climates
  7. reducing household waste
  8. simple improvements greener home
  9. the benefits energy efficient led
  10. tips buying solar panel

You can get this bundle of time-saving content today for $17.00 and start generating you list and delivering useful content to you visitors without having to spend a ton of time creating content or paying a ghostwriter a whole lot of money for this amount of information.

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