When publishing content, many people just get stuck in publishing mode. We keep publishing content because it’s supposed to help us grow our businesses. And you bet it can do that. We get so focused on keeping to our publication schedule, finding new information to publish and doing the actual writing that we tend to ignore or forget other tools for our business.

However, even though content itself is very important, it can’t grow your business without the help of a monetization strategy.

Most of us know this, but we often forget. Or we get lazy. Or we just figure we can get back to it later.

So with that in mind…

Always remember to monetize your content. It really is THE most important thing.

That’s why it’s often easier for online business owners to hire a writer to create the content and then they take over the monetization duties. Whether you hire a writer, use PLR or have great authors, the more help you can get with content creation, the more you can focus on content monetization.

What can you do to make your content earn for your business? Monetization doesn’t simply mean the littering of affiliate links and ads on your content. It needs to be much more strategic than that and each piece of content should have its own targeted monetization plan.

Ideas for Monetization:

  • Using high-value content as a free gift when people opt-in to your mailing list. Mailing list subscribers are more likely to become customers than a one-time visitor to your website, so get those visitors on your list.
  • Including ads that are relevant to your page’s content. The more relevant the ads, the greater the chance for clicks. You can do this with ad networks like Google Adwords and Chitika.
  • Adding promotions for your products, services and freebies that are most relevant to each content piece. Or if you don’t have a product, including a relevant affiliate link.
  • Selling advertising space on your website or in your newsletter. You’ve worked hard on your content, grown your traffic and your list…you can lease that audience to advertisers.
  • Inviting someone who comments on your post to sign up for your mailing list. Someone who has just made a comment on your website is a highly engaged audience member. Give them a relevant offer once they leave a comment.
  • Licensing your content, so others can publish it. Whether you give free publishing rights to content that includes a promotion for your business or you sell the private label rights, licensing has its perks.
  • Offering your content as a bonus to someone else’s information Product. Of course, you need to include a product or opt-in offer inside that content bonus too.
  • Guest authoring on high traffic blogs, ensuring your guest posts include information on how and why to get on your mailing list.

Those are just a few ideas to get the ideas flowing. The more you think about monetization, the easier it will become to come up with topics, get your content written and then get it out there.