Viral Content Is The Holy Grail
Of Content Marketing

Every good content marketer knows that having a piece of their content achieve Viral Status equals money in the bank. Most do not know how to increase the odds of it happening or how to create content that has a better chance of being shared.

Grab this report and show your readers how to create and promote their content to achieve the coveted Viral Content Status!

Creating online content is really quite simple. Posting a photo, sharing a quick video from your phone or writing a short blog post are some of the most basic ways to create online content. Tweeting, Pinning and using Instagram are simple and so much a part of the online society that most people don’t even realize they are creating online content. Marketers who rely on their content for sales know how important it is to create the best content possible. The more people who see the content online will create a greater potential for sales of the product or service.

Online marketers understand the value of content and how simple it can be to create. They also understand the benefit to their traffic and sales when a piece of content goes viral. What most don’t understand is how to create content that has a better chance of being the next viral hit. The “Going Viral” report can help your readers understand what makes viral content and what they can do to create content that has a better chance of becoming viral. Grab this report and give you readers a hand up on their content marketing efforts.

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Some folks might wonder why I’m putting a single PLR report on the market when there are so many offers that have a massive amount of content.  This answer is simple. Ease of Use. I’ve done a lot of niche marketing and purchased a lot of PLR and the one thing that I find to be a roadblock are the huge packages of material. They sound like a fantastic deal when you’re reading the sales letter but then you buy it and receive the material and it seems like an impossible mess to adjust and integrate it into your marketing plan. I find smaller PLR packs and single reports are much easier to use.

Subjects Covered

What Does “Going Viral” Actually Mean
What Kind of Content Tends to Go Viral
What Motivates People to Pass Content On
Creating Viral “Tell a Friend” Campaigns
How to get PR Attention
How to Create Viral Infographics
And Much More …
Over 5,000 words of information

File Types

This package has two file types for ease in working with the files.
Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format. This file also has a bonus
Photoshop file of the report cover

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My name is Robert Howe and I had a 30 year career in advertising and printing. Now it’s time for me to start sharing all the information I’ve gathered over the last 3 decades and use it to help people get their marketing efforts moving in the right direction. I’ll do my best to provide you with great content that you can easily use in whatever venue you choose.  Here’s To Your Success!

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